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Thursday 12 April, 2007 thru to Friday 13 April, 2007

"So, how did meeting the Fockers go?"

House was leaning up against the upper balcony railing that overlooked the hospital lobby, gazing down at the hubbub below while he idly toyed with an elastic band between his fingers. He glanced over his shoulder at the sound of Wilson's voice. "How'd you know I was here?"

"Vultures are pretty hard to miss, especially when they're perched up high, looking like they're staking out their prey." Wilson joined his side, resting his elbows on the railing. He silently observed the lobby with House for a few moments before he looked at him. "You've been up here for over an hour."

"I'm a picky eater."

"Watching Cuddy's office," Wilson added.

"She's eating for two. Which means I have to be extra quick at swooping down for my prey before she snatches it first."

Wilson squinted. "Did you just compare your girlfriend to a vulture?"

"Term of endearment."

"Of course. Only you would think of calling someone you love a 'vulture' as term of endearment."

"Cuddy's always been a vulture."

"She hasn't always been your girlfriend," Wilson pointed out.

"Just because someone changes what they mean to you, doesn't mean they stop being annoying."

"Wow, we're really hitting all the sentimental buttons today," Wilson said dryly. "Terms of endearment and declarations of love. Next you'll be tugging on her hair and spiking her coffee with laxatives as a sign of affection."

He tried to ignore Wilson. He'd been up here for over an hour, like Wilson had said, keeping watch on Cuddy's office. He hadn't actually wanted company, though, and he sighed in annoyance as Wilson continued to talk.

"There are only two reasons you're standing up here. One: you're lovesick and waiting for the moment she comes out of her office so you can declare your love for her like something out of a Shakespearean play. Or, two: you're feeling guilty about something and want to keep tabs on Cuddy because you're pathetic at apologising."

House rolled his eyes. "Why are your observations of me always so dramatic?"

Wilson ignored him. "Seeing you're about as romantic as a sledgehammer to the head, I'm going to go with the latter." Wilson looked at him. "What did you do?"

"None of your business."

"Which is House speak for 'I screwed it up big time'."

"And sometimes, a shovel is just a shovel."

"You're deflecting," Wilson said.

"And you're annoying."

"Only because you did something last night to piss Cuddy off and you're refusing to talk about it."

"Again, with the shovel thing."

Wilson heaved a mildly exasperated sigh. "Fine. Don't tell me how last night went. Just continue to stand on the balcony like an idiot and brood."

House looked back down to the doors that led into Cuddy's office. "Last night went about as well as can be expected," he decided to answer after several moments of silence.

Wilson glanced at him. "So, in other words, you did screw it up big time."

House didn't answer. He wasn't proud of how he'd ended up hurting Cuddy and he didn't want to discuss it any more than he wanted to discuss her mom. He'd had a bad night sleep, too, tossing and turning while thoughts of trying to work out how to make it up to Cuddy tossed and turned in his head. Cuddy's mom's words had rolled around a lot in his mind, too. It had been driven home a couple of times during dinner the fact that Cuddy deserved to be treated well, that her mom hoped he was treating her well. And, well, he was lucky he didn't cop a slap across the face for how he ended up turning the dinner into a nosedive. Making Cuddy out to be a sex-crazed slut, as Cuddy had phrased it, left him feeling irked by his own ability to be disrespect her. Not that disrespect was something he hadn't shown to her before, but being with her, being in love with her, made those less than civilised moments of his stand out so much more to him, in hindsight.

"Look, I don't know what you did," Wilson continued. "I don't think I want to know. But I do know a thing or two about women and I know that making a fuss of them, making them feel special, will grant you almost instant access back into the green. Of course... this is you we're talking about. You'd probably prefer to play with your toys than take Cuddy out for a weekend away somewhere, or..."

House immediately tuned out. Not because he wasn't interested in what Wilson had to say (though, he wasn't really interested, as it happened), but because something Wilson said suddenly reminded him of something. Leaving Wilson in mid-sentence, House suddenly stepped back from the railing and walked briskly around Wilson. "Where you going?" he heard Wilson ask.

"Swooping for prey," was all House absently offered as he approached the elevators and hit the button to summon it to his floor.


Later that afternoon, House gathered the courage together to leave a message on Cuddy's answering machine at home for when she got home from work:

"Hey, it's me. I'm, uh... I'm probably the last person you're interested in hearing from right now. But tomorrow's Friday, which means we're free to see each other. Assuming you want to see me. Assuming you do, I made reservations at a bed and breakfast in Stockton, about forty minutes out of Princeton. Friday night through to Sunday morning. Assuming you don't want to see me..."

He trailed off at that, phone pressed to his ear for a couple of seconds, before he ended the call.

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Thursday was a stressful day for Cuddy. Many of her days were stressful but this one had a few new wrinkles to it. After the dinner from hell, she'd stayed up late talking to her mother. She was pretty sure she'd convinced her mom that her relationship with House wasn't a sign of some form of insanity. Since she wasn't always sure of that herself, it had been a hard sell. Still, by the time both women had crawled into bed, she was fairly sure her mother accepted she knew what she was doing. Probably not completely convinced, but her mom had seemed reassured that what she'd seen at dinner hadn't been the whole story.

After that, Cuddy had spent a restless night. She had the usual sleep interruptions caused by pregnancy plus thoughts and questions whirling through her mind because reassuring her mother wasn't the end of the story. Cuddy was still trying to understand why House had dragged her through the mud in front of her own mother. She hadn't found an answer for that before her alarm went off in the morning. Then it was a trip to the airport through morning rush hour traffic and shepherding her mother to the correct gate.

As much as her mother could drive her nuts, she was genuinely sad to see her disappear through the gate door. It had been nice having her mom around, helping with shopping for baby things and finishing the baby's room and just helping around the house so she could rest when her back was bothering her. Mostly, though, it was nice having her mom around because she knew no matter what else happened, her mom was always on her side.

After the airport she went directly to work where she slogged her way through the never-ending paperwork. It was just as well she didn't see House because she was still working through how she felt about what had happened at dinner. Part of the time she was angry and disappointed with House for being an ass. Other times she was angry and disappointed in herself for thinking House would be anything other than himself. The crazy thing was, even though she was disappointed in how dinner had gone and knew she should never attempt to mix House with her family ever again, she knew deep down she probably would try. It was the curse of eternal optimism that she couldn't just call it a failure and let it go.

By the time she arrived home that evening, she was exhausted both physically and mentally. She walked straight to the bedroom, stripped out of her clothes, and treated herself to a long soak in the tub. Only then did she pull on a light robe and go to sort through the mail and check her answering machine. House's message made her stop and think. She'd almost forgotten about her wish to have one last weekend away before the baby arrived. Not only had she been busy with her mom but Dr. Patil had put her foot down at Cuddy's last appointment--Cuddy was not to travel at all until after the baby was born.

As soon as she heard about the bed and breakfast, though, she decided it would be a good idea. One, she and House obviously needed to spend some time together without outside pressures weighing in. And two, Stockton wasn't far away as traveling went and besides, she and House were both doctors. Surely they could handle any pregnancy related problem that cropped up. Not that anything should go wrong--she and the baby were both checking out fine at every appointment--but if it did, they'd be able to handle it.

Before she could think much about it, she picked up the phone and dialed his number. She left a short message on his machine. "Pick me up at seven." Well, she wasn't going to get into a discussion of the state of their relationship on a machine. The fact she'd given him a time to pick her up would at least tell him she did want to see him. The rest they could deal with later.

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After leaving a message on House's answering machine, Cuddy decided to go ahead and pack for the weekend. It was one less thing she'd have to do on Friday and given how tired she usually was by the end of the week, it seemed smart to go ahead and get it out of the way. Packing wasn't as difficult as it sometimes was simply because she didn't have a lot of choices in clothing these days. That frustrated someone as devoted to fashion as she was but on the plus side, it narrowed her choices. She was able to pack a few changes of clothing and the necessary toiletries in a matter of minutes.

After that, it was another uncomfortable night constantly shifting around in bed looking for a comfortable position. She was almost grateful when the alarm went off because it meant she didn't have to lie in bed thinking about how she should be asleep.

She had a normal day at work--busy enough to keep her occupied but not so busy she felt overwhelmed. She even had time to sneak in a quick lunch with Wilson, sharing bland cafeteria food in her office. He, of course, wanted to know about dinner. She, understandably, didn't want to discuss it. He took the hint and they divided the lunchtime discussion between baby stuff and work issues.

She didn't really think about House or the weekend until she was home again. She'd managed to put her own hurt feelings at his behavior aside for the most part. She shouldn't have expected better. She still felt disappointed, though, that he'd been willing to say anything to push her mother away, even if that meant hurting Cuddy in the process. She didn't know what to do about it. She didn't know if it was possible to do anything. Most of the time she could barely get House to understand how she felt. Getting him to respond constructively to those feelings was.... Well, she wasn't going to hold her breath waiting for that.

Still, she went to open the front door to his knock with a reasonably positive feeling. This is what they had to do: deal with their issues without flying into horrible screaming matches. As bad as the dinner had been, there hadn't been any real screaming involved. And they were keeping to their schedule of time together. That had to be a good step.

"Hi," she said, finally pulling the door open.

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Cuddy didn't know what she expected but House practically squirming as he stood on her doorstep wasn't it. Maybe she should have. He wasn't very good at facing things. He preferred to ignore them. She wasn't as good at facing issues--real issues--as she should be but she at least acknowledged it had to be done. They didn't have to deal with it right this minute but pretending there weren't any problems was just plain awkward.

Still, his abrupt request for her luggage threw her off-stride for a moment. "Um...yeah. I just need to put a few things in my purse." She nodded at her bag sitting on the floor near the living room door. "My bag's ready to go, though."

She gave herself a little shake. Forget dealing with issues--House was acting like she was his sister or something. She hadn't gotten so much as a handshake from him. If anything, after all that had happened, with simply dealing with being pregnant, the one thing she really needed was some affection.

"Hey," she said, reaching out to grab his arm as he went to retrieve her bag. "Don't I get a kiss? A hug, at least?"
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Cuddy nodded. She did get angry at him for assuming things. Well, technically she got angry at him for assuming incorrectly. When he got it right, she didn't usually mind. But since he wasn't always very good at getting it right, she actually understood why he was reluctant to make any assumptions.

"Okay, you don't have to assume. I'm telling you I want a hug," she said. "In fact, I think you owe me more than a few hugs."

She wrapped her arms around his waist when he finally pulled her toward him. Actually, she couldn't reach around him like she used to. Her belly took up too much space but she pressed up against him as best she could. One good thing about him being so much taller--and longer limbed--than she was, it meant he could still reach around her.

She leaned back and tilted her face up towards his when he apologized. "I know you are. I just wish.... I wish you wouldn't do those things so you wouldn't have to be sorry." She sighed as she looked at him. On some level she understood that House would never stop doing things he needed to apologize for. It was actually an improvement that he was actually apologizing rather than simply doing those things with no obvious sign of regret. She really did wish, though, that he'd stop to consider the consequences of his actions and stop before he did something hurtful.

She lifted one hand to his cheek and drew him in for a brief kiss. "We can talk about it later," she said, stepping away to retrieve her purse. "First, let's go somewhere we can kick back and relax a little."

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Once she was settled in the car and they were on their way, Cuddy found herself almost lulled into a doze by the motion of the car and the hum of the engine. Other than occasional bursts of smalltalk, they were both silent and she didn't mind that. Silence could be awkward but she didn't feel ill at ease being quiet with House. She was comfortable being with him when neither of them said a word. Hell, sometimes they were decidedly better off when they didn't speak a word.

She had to deal with what had happened at dinner. She still had to find some way to integrate House with her family because they weren't going to go away. Her parents would certainly be visiting when the baby was born and probably many times after that. Unless House intended to disappear every time they came to town, he was going to have to learn to deal with them. And they with him. What she understood now--in a way she hadn't before dinner--was that meant she was going to be right in the middle of it and she was going to have to find a way to cope with that.

She sat up straighter as they pulled up the drive to the bed and breakfast, staring at the building. Daylight was fading and she couldn't see the details but what she could see was impressive. The moment he cut the engine, she struggled her way out of the seatbelt and stood up next to the car. The building was huge. It was beautiful, and the lights in the windows looked so welcoming she was ready to walk right into their room, curl up in bed and not come out for the entire weekend.

"This is gorgeous," she said, walking around to join him at the back of the car. She held out her hand for her bag, knowing it was difficult for him to carry much when one hand was occupied by the cane. She gave him a mock frown when he threatened the sheep. "And what exactly do you intend to do to them with your cane?"

She set off toward the entrance as soon as he closed the trunk. "Come on, the sheep won't be a problem." True enough for her, at least. Junior was far more likely to keep her awake than a few vocal sheep.

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"Just leave the sheep alone," Cuddy said when House threatened to add them to the menu. "They're kind of cute. Unless they've just been shorn and then they're silly looking."

She led the way into the lobby and stopped to look around. She set her bag down by the entrance while House went to the desk to check them in. She liked the look of the place. It was luxurious without being ostentatious, very warm and welcoming. She found a small wooden rack filled with pamphlets advertising the local attractions. She browsed through them, grabbing a couple about the local shopping and sticking them in her purse to look at later.

House was just finishing up with the desk clerk when she finished, and she grabbed her bag and followed him to their room. She set the bag on the foot of the bed, almost dumping it on the floor because she was too busy checking out the room to look where she was putting it. Like the lobby, the room had a lot to offer while still feeling welcoming and comfortable. There was lots of wood and warm colors--rustic looking without actually being rustic.

"This is nice," she said, touching his arm as she headed over to check out the private porch. It was more than nice. She already felt more relaxed simply because of being in such a pleasant environment. "You're going to need a forklift to pry me out of here by the end of the weekend," she warned.

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Cuddy came back from investigating the porch when House pointed at the stairs. She frowned when he revealed the bathroom was up the stairs. "Isn't that going to be inconvenient for you?" She didn't normally draw attention to his damaged leg. Most of the time, she didn't even think of it because he typically got around just fine. Stairs, though, were one thing with which she knew he had difficulty. However, she couldn't deny a giant whirlpool sounded really good no matter where it was located.

"Am I ever not hungry these days?" she said dryly. True, she didn't eat a lot at one sitting but she nibbled all day long. She sure felt like she ate a lot. She tried to make it healthy nibbling as often as possible but she still felt like she was eating too much. Rationally she knew she wasn't but it was hard to keep that in mind when she looked in the mirror and saw something roughly the size of a small whale looking back at her.

Curious, she decided she would investigate the bathroom while House checked on dinner. The first thing she noticed when she reached the top of the stairs was that the room was partially open to the rest of the room so that she could see the fireplace. The second thing she noticed was the tub, which really was big enough for her and Junior. And House, even. All three of them could fit in there comfortably.

Then she noticed the roses and candles and chocolates. Thinking they were probably just part of the normal service here, she grabbed one of the truffles and slipped it in her mouth before leaning over to smell the roses. She saw the note tucked in amongst the stems and plucked it out. She dabbed a bit of chocolate from the corner of her mouth as she read.

It was a good thing she'd already finished the chocolate because the way her throat tightened up as she read the note would've made it difficult to swallow. She knew he was trying to make amends for the other night--and he should--but it was as frustrating as it was touching. The fact he could do something so incredibly thoughtful like this made it all the more frustrating when he acted like a complete ass.

That annoying Jekyll/Hyde aspect of his personality coupled with the less than romantic tone of his note made her laugh out loud, though. God, he drove her nuts sometimes but sometimes, like now, it was a good kind of nuts. She padded back down the stairs, note clutched in her hand.

"You're such an idiot," she said as she wrapped her arms around him. It was obvious from the tone of her voice and the soft smile on her face that she was using the term 'idiot' affectionately.

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Cuddy leaned in against him, rolling her eyes when he told her what he would've written. "Yeah, you're a regular Casanova," she said dryly. She plucked the note back from him and pretended to study it. "Well, if you didn't write this, I wonder who did. It's signed 'House' but the handwriting is pretty girly. Looks the way your notes do when Cameron is pretending to be you. I don't think Cameron would be sending me any love notes on your behalf, though, not even non-romantic ones."

She tucked the note in the pocket of her slacks, then reached up and grabbed the front of his shirt to pull him down for a kiss. She loved when House made romantic gestures. She loved being treated as if she were something special and since romance wasn't House's forte, she knew to treasure even the smallest gesture. She really would prefer that it not have to double as an apology, though. She appreciated the romantic gesture and she appreciated the apology but she'd be happier if they didn't get into these situations where he felt like he had to 'seduce' her into not being angry at him.

She pushed those thoughts aside as she pulled back from the kiss. They were going to have to do some talking but for the moment she wanted to take his gesture at face value and enjoy it.

"They didn't lie about the whirlpool," she told him. "You can almost swim laps in that thing."

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"Cameron will never be over you," Cuddy said with conviction. She didn't know Cameron well but she'd watched the other woman's behavior around House enough to know Cameron hadn't entirely abandoned her quest. "Getting over you would mean admitting she can't 'save' you and she's not about to admit that. Your only hope is that she'll find someone even more damaged than you are."

She wasn't going to waste time thinking about Cameron. She never did. She had enough to deal with and she wasn't going to take on Cameron's issues, too. Besides, she had better things to do at the moment, like kissing House. And imagining a long soak in a big whirlpool. Truth was, sprawling out in a tub while jets of water massaged her body sounded a whole lot like heaven. She'd be generous, though. She'd leave enough room for House, too.

"Can we just eat here?" she asked. While he looked through the information booklet, she opened her bag. She pulled out the small toiletry bag and set it aside before taking her clothes out.

"I don't really have the energy or the desire to go out tonight," she admitted. She shook out her clothes and carried them over to hang in the wardrobe. She loved to eat and she loved to go out but she simply couldn't go-go-go like she normally did. Pregnancy was teaching her to relax...which was ironic because after pregnancy was likely to be anything but relaxing. "It doesn't have to anything fancy. I'd be happy with just a sandwich."

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When House left in search of a meal, Cuddy finished unpacking. It didn't take long--she'd packed light for the weekend. Once the bag was empty she set it on the floor next to the wardrobe and took her cosmetics bag up to the bathroom.

She gave the whirlpool a longing look. She was more than a little tempted to take a quick soak while House was gone but she knew there was no way she'd be able to limit herself to a quick bath. Once she got in there, she was going to stay for as long as she possibly could. And when she was done, she'd be useless for anything else.

Regretfully she headed back down the to the bedroom. She kicked her shoes off and crawled onto the bed--the king-sized feather bed--and plumped the pillows up against the headboard. She reached for the tv remote and flipped through the channels, settling on a newsmagazine program.

She'd only turned the tv on to help keep her alert but it wasn't working very well. Within minutes, the bed had enveloped her in softness and she felt lethargy seeping into her muscles. She could get used to this, she really could. The bed was like lying on a big, fluffy marshmallow.

The sound of the door startled her out of a light doze. She pushed herself upright, wiping at her eyes. "Smells good," she said in a sleepy voice. She stretched her arms over her head, then gave herself a little shake before climbing out of the bed.

"Thanks," she said as she approached the table. The fruit and yogurt was a good idea. She got hungry at all times of the day, and sometimes all times of the night, too. It would be good to have something to snack on. Right then, though, her stomach was growling at the smell of the lasagna. She pulled some napkins and plastic cutlery from the bag and set them on the middle of the table before taking a seat.

"So did you take the grand tour of the town?" she asked, digging right into her salad.

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Cuddy merely nodded and kept eating when House said he was starving. She was hungry, too, and she wasn't going to worry about the lack of dinner conversation or the way he was digging into his dinner. She was too busy satisfying her own hunger to be a good dinner companion herself.

Her attention was diverted from food, though, when he announced Cameron and Chase were dating. That was...puzzling. She could sort of see it from Chase's point of view--he had something of a reputation for nailing any pretty girl he could and then moving on to the next before things could get serious. Cameron's interest was more difficult to understand. Cuddy had never seen her attracted to any man who wasn't dying or damaged. Chase was either hiding some dire illness or something else was going on.

Cuddy choked at what House said next. In fact, she started coughing so hard she had to get up and get herself a glass of water to drink before she could respond.

"The janitor's closet at the hospital?" she asked as she returned to the table. She coughed again, still trying to clear her throat. "I hope you told them that was totally inappropriate." She paused, then waved her hand dismissively. "Of course, you didn't. You'd have to recognize it was inappropriate behavior to begin with."

She puzzled it over in her mind as she drank some more water. Again, doing something risky like that wasn't too surprising for Chase. It made no sense whatsoever, though, for Cameron.

"Why would Cameron get naked somewhere she knows you might see her? Or...was that the whole point--to make sure you saw her?" Cuddy gave another shake of her head. It didn't really matter why they were doing it. She was curious, of course, but whatever the reason, she intended to put a stop to it. She wasn't going to have her hospital turned into a frat house no matter how much House might enjoy that.

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"Right, you just 'happened' to walk in on them," Cuddy said as she forked another bit of lasagna to her mouth. She didn't believe for a moment House hadn't known exactly what he'd find in that janitor's closet. She was sure he'd not only known who was in there but he'd made sure he'd catch them.

She helped herself to another bite of lasagna, looking over at him when he asked about the sleep labs. She knew from the tone of his voice he had some story to tell her but even with the new knowledge that Chase and Cameron had turned the a janitor's closet into their own personal sexual playground, she wasn't expecting the story he told, or rather, the story he hinted at.

"What the hell are they smoking?" she asked sharply. It was one thing to use the janitor's closet. She didn't approve but it was relatively mild and easy enough to deal with. Using beds that were intended for patient care only and, more importantly, ignoring their responsibility to their own patient--that was inexcusable.

Cuddy tried to be a fairly easy-going boss. She knew a lot of people would laugh at that suggestion but she really did. She turned a blind eye to a lot of things that went on in the hospital, like the gambling pools. She was willing to let her employees have a little fun, blow off a little steam, just as long as the patients were being cared for appropriately. She was not, however, about to allow anyone to shirk their duties so they could get their rocks off.

"I want both of them in my office first thing Monday morning," she said as she jabbed her fork into her salad. She paused, looking at House with a frown. "Right. You won't be in first thing any morning. Well, I'll just have security deliver the message. That ought to give them both a little reality check."

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