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Wednesday 2 May - Friday 4 May

"House," the nurse announced as he walked into the common room. House craned his neck to look over his shoulder from where he was seated on the armchair in front of the TV. The nurse held up an envelope. "Mail for you."

He walked over to House and held it out for him to take. "Don't forget you're on cleaning duties tonight."

"Yeah, yeah," House replied dismissively. He took the envelope. His stomach did a small flip at recognising Cuddy's handwriting scrawled on the front. He looked back up to the nurse. "You can go away now."

The nurse rolled his eyes but walked off. House lay the letter on his lap and returned his attention to the television. He wasn't sure he wanted to open it. God only knew what Cuddy had written to him. She'd said in the therapy session the week before that if she wrote him a letter that detailed everything she wanted to say to him, it would be a novel, which hadn't made him feel the slightest bit positive. He tapped his feet in a fidgeting manner on the floor and drummed his fingers on the armrest, trying to ignore the letter on his lap. But with each passing second, he grew more and more curious until he couldn't stand wondering what it said anymore. He grabbed his cane, shifted off the armchair and headed out of the common briskly to go to his room.

Once he reached it, he shut the door behind him and leaned back against it. He hooked his cane over his forearm and dug his thumb under the envelope flap to tear it open. His heart sped up a little as he pried the letter out and opened it and the very first thing made him frown in surprise. Snugglebunny? She was still going on about that? "I am not a snugglebunny," he muttered under his breath, not that Cuddy would of course hear him.

The unexpectedly light-hearted manner in which Cuddy had started the letter, though, put him a little at ease. He started to read the rest of the letter, slowly limping further into the room until he was by his bed. He sat down, put his cane aside, and re-read the letter again. It was a lot shorter than he'd expected. He'd expected a letter several pages long, double-sided, crammed with all sorts of issues Cuddy had with him. Instead, she'd only truly addressed one major issue, the one that was hardest for either of them to negotiate around. After he read the letter a third time, he sat in silence for a little while.

He wished Cuddy was here with him right now, so he could talk to her about the letter. Well, argue with her about the letter, more accurately. The issue of Judaism never failed to get his hackles up. But being she wasn't here, he had no choice but to churn the letter over and over in his mind. Eventually, he folded the letter and tucked it back into the envelope and reached over to the nightstand to put it away in the drawer. His eyes landed on the ultrasound picture Cuddy had brought in for him and he plucked it up before scooting back onto the bed to lie down on his back. With an arm tucked under his head and his ankles crossed, he held the sonograph above him and stared at it.


"Do you want to talk about what Lisa wrote in the letter?" Megan asked.

It was afternoon on a Thursday, one week since Cuddy had been here for the therapy session. After a fair bit of poking and prodding from Megan to get him to talk, he'd finally told her that Cuddy had sent him a letter the day before. It had been on his mind ever since he read it. In fact, Cuddy and the baby had been on his mind a lot since the session the week previous, even more so because it was less than three weeks away now until the baby was due. House felt like he was fast running out of time; the more time passed and the closer time was approaching Cuddy's due date, the less optimistic he was becoming about his chances of getting out of here before the baby was born.

He shrugged. "Not really," he replied.

Megan studied him. "Would you prefer it if I read it? That way, you don't have to explain anything to me if you don't want to."

He shook his head. The letter was private. He never wanted anybody to set eyes on it. But being Megan was pressing him for answers about it, he knew he was going to have to say something. "It was short. A lot shorter than I thought it would be." Megan nodded, encouraging him to keep talking. "She, uh, she didn't say a whole lot. She mainly talked about the whole Judaism issue. You know... her reasons for wanting our kid to be Jewish."

Megan nodded again. "And that's something you feel quite strongly about, isn't it?" It was his turn to nod. "What were the reasons she gave?"

"Culture and heritage. Wanting our kid to be part of something bigger. What growing up in the Jewish community meant to her."

"How do you feel about the reasons she gave?"

He shrugged again. "Being part of something bigger isn't worth getting your foreskin lopped off for. The only reason it's performed is because 'God commanded it'. That isn't a good enough reason to go ahead with a completely unnecessary procedure."

"That's assuming it's a boy," Megan pointed out. "What if it's a girl? No real ritual is done for girls, apart from a naming ceremony."

"Yeah. Which the dad has to partake in. I don't want anything to do with it."

"Then don't. Perhaps the compromise you need to reach is to allow Lisa the opportunity to let your child be involved in the Jewish community, but that's not something you have to be involved in. You're only objecting because that's what you want. But what about what Lisa wants? What about what this child may want?"

"The kid's not going to care," he retorted.

"Not now. But maybe he or she will in years to come. Every child deserves a right to choice. And look, I'm not telling you what to do," she added, noticing House was getting defensive. "I'm simply playing devil's advocate. It sounds to me like this is an issue that's very important to both you and Lisa, but for different reasons. Your reasons are just as valid as Cuddy's reasons. But she's told you her reasons and there's no harm in considering where she's coming from."

House frowned at Megan. He'd wanted Megan to take his side. Well, she hadn't exactly taken Cuddy's side, either, but he'd hoped she'd agree with him that things like circumcision were unnecessary.

"And maybe you can discuss it this weekend," she went on to say. Megan smiled at him. "You've made enough progress that I'd like for you to have weekend leave. Go home for the weekend. If you want to, that is."

His brows shot up in surprise. "Really?"

She nodded. "Really. The only condition is that you have someone with you at all times. Not to keep an eye on you, but to be a support and to contact us if need be, in case something goes wrong. Which I'm pretty sure nothing will. But it's just a standard precaution we like to take because a lot of patients find it hard to adjust to being outside the hospital after being here for so long."

He hadn't expected Megan to tell him this at all. Immediately, his mood lifted a little. "When can I leave?" he asked eagerly.

Megan chuckled. "It's weekend leave, so you're free to leave any time tomorrow and you're free to return at any time on Sunday before eight o'clock at night. And if the weekend goes well and they're are no problems... then we can probably look at discharging you next week."

House's eyes widened. "Seriously?"

"I'm a hundred percent serious. You have a long way to go with therapy but you've been in here for about three weeks now and I'm confident you've reached a level of stability where it would be safe to send you home and for me to continue seeing you as an outpatient. And if that doesn't work out, if you need to come back in here for a while longer, I can readmit you. But that's not something to worry about - that's simply a backup plan just in case." She smiled again. "How do you feel about that?"

House was a bit overwhelmed by the news, not expecting this turn of events at all. "Um. Good. Really good. I'm dying to get out of this hellhole."

Megan snorted lightly. "Well, in that case, we better start putting together a plan for your return home."


"You're late," House accused as Wilson entered his room.

Wilson threw his hands out. "It's Friday. Peak hour traffic. Not a lot I can do about that. Besides." He looked at his watch. "I'm only half an hour late."

"That's an extra half hour wasted and an extra half hour I don't want to spend in here."

"Yeah, well I'm here now, so you can quit your bitching." Wilson gestured to the bag on House's bed. "You packed and ready to go?"

House nodded. He got up from where he was sitting on the side of the bed and grabbed his backpack. "Yeah. Let's get me outta here."

House led the way out of the room. He hadn't packed a lot of things for his trip home for the weekend - just a couple of changes of clothes and a few of the items Cuddy had brought in with her. He stopped by the nurses station on the way to collect his medication for the weekend. The nurse handed over a sheet of paper to Wilson with phone numbers listed on it. "This is the direct number to this ward," he told Wilson. "And also an emergency contact number should anything go wrong. Feel free to call us at any time if you have any concerns. You, too, Greg."

House wasn't really listening. He was too intent on getting out of the hospital to go home. He was anxious to see Cuddy, too. He'd phoned her the evening Megan had told him he could leave for the weekend and made arrangements to stay in his apartment with her. The arrangement was Wilson was going to drop him home and Cuddy would turn up whenever she got off work. Megan had instructed him to take it easy and to not do anything too stressful or strenuous; "a quiet weekend", she'd told him. He'd wanted to stay at Cuddy's place but Megan had pointed out that it was best for him to spend the weekend in his own environment, being that was the environment he was going to be returning to for good the following week, should everything go to plan.

"Come on," he said impatiently once the nurse had finished giving Wilson information on contact numbers and ehat to do in the event that House needed to come back to the institution earlier than planned. When they reached the main doors, House stepped out into the warm afternoon and followed Wilson down to his car. During the trip back to Princeton, House spent most of it giving Wilson a running commentary on all the nurses at the hospital and cynical observations about the other patients, all of which Wilson either rolled his eyes at or laughed in amusement, glad that House seemed to be slowly returning to normal. Eventually, Wilson pulled into House's street and parked up several doors down from his apartment.

"I'll come in with you," Wilson said, unbuckling his seatbelt.

"What for? I don't need a babysitter," House argued. But that was the only argument he put up. He climbed out of the car and left Wilson to fetch his bag, while House walked up the steps to open the door. He was greeted with familiarity all around him when he entered his apartment. He'd missed his apartment, his own space. He was pretty sure he'd never felt so glad to be home. The apartment smelled slightly musty, an obvious sign that it hadn't been lived in for a while.

"Do you need me to run down to the store to get you anything?" Wilson asked, trudging in after him with his bags. He dumped them on the floor by the door. "If Cuddy's staying here the weekend, you're probably going to need food. I can't imagine your fridge is remotely safe to go near right now."

"I'll order in takeout," House replied, heading to the kitchen.

"But what about tomorrow morning? Breakfast? Lunch?"

House opened the fridge and immediately realised Wilson was right. "On second thoughts, make it snappy," he called out.

"What do you need?" Wilson called back.


"Alright," he heard Wilson sigh. "I'll be back shortly." With that, House heard the front door close.

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Cuddy actually managed to get out of the office at a reasonable hour that Friday. She was trying to slowly cut back on her hours a bit and start handing off some of her duties to her assistant. Soon enough she'd be handing it all over to someone else. It made sense to her to work up to it gradually so everyone would be comfortable with their responsibilities before she went on maternity leave.

Her main reason for cutting back was more selfish, though. Actually, her two main reasons were selfish. One, she was simply getting worn down. She could still do her job and she'd prove it if anyone dared to suggest otherwise. However, she was tired and achy and--yes, she admitted it--more than a bit irritable at this point in her pregnancy. As long as things were running smoothly at the hospital, she decided she'd earned the right to give herself a little break.

Her second selfish reason was to spend time with House. He was coming home today for a visit, and hopefully soon he'd be home for good. She wanted to be able to steal a little time with him before the baby came. She wanted them to have time to adjust to him being home and maybe get their relationship on a more even keel. She knew if she continued working her normal hours, she wouldn't have the time or energy to devote to him.

So she got home with plenty of time to pack for the weekend. Wilson had stopped by her office to let her know he was leaving to get House so she had a fairly good idea of what time he'd be home. She didn't need to rush around to get over to House's apartment. Truthfully, she would've preferred to stay at her place but she understood why Megan wanted him to readjust to his own living space. She'd feel the same if she'd been hospitalized as long as he was.

Before long, she had her bag tucked in the back seat and herself tucked in the front seat. She headed across town, avoiding the busier streets and soon she was pulling up to the curb in front of House's apartment. For once her timing was near perfect; Wilson was just walking out to his car, parked just a couple spaces down the street. He caught sight of her and walked over with a smile.

"You didn't waste any time," he teased as she unwedged herself from behind the steering wheel.

"Time's limited. Why would I waste it?" she said as she tugged her bag from the car. "How is he?"

"Bitchy because I was 'late'," Wilson said. "Other than that...very House-like. And I mean that in a good way."

"Good." Cuddy locked the car and joined Wilson on the sidewalk. She was sure that even if House was bitchy--and when wasn't he at least a little bitchy?--he'd probably enjoyed having a little time with Wilson. "Thanks for picking him up."

"Not a problem." Wilson jangled his keys as he pointed at his car. "I'm actually just off to get some groceries for him. Any special requests?"

Cuddy groaned. She'd really meant to get over to House's place and do a little cleaning, stock the fridge, make things a little more welcoming. With everything else going on, though, she'd simply forgotten. "No, I don't need anything." She hesitated. Wilson looked at her, one eyebrow raised, waiting. She finally confessed. "Fresh pineapple. And chocolate chip ice cream."

Wilson grinned and turned toward his car. "I'll be back shortly, so don't the two of you get up to anything you don't want me to see."

Cuddy gave him an exasperated wave, then headed up the steps and into the apartment building. She dropped her bag in front of the door and knocked loudly.

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"You most certainly are," Cuddy retorted. She nudged her bag into the apartment with her foot. It was too much effort to pick it up and carry it, not to mention the strain on her back. Then she embraced him, giving him a big hug. "It's good to have you home."

After a hug and a kiss, she moved into the apartment while House closed the door behind them. She'd wondered how long it would be before he brought up the letter she'd written. His denial that he was a snugglebunny obviously meant the letter was on his mind. She wasn't really surprised at that. Part of the point of the letters had been to discuss some of their issues and that was something that tended to get his defenses up. Still, she doubted he wanted to get right into that and frankly, neither did she.

She set her purse on the end table and noticed the Winnie the Pooh toy on the couch. She turned back to him with a sly grin. "You've only been home a matter of minutes and you've already got your toys out," she teased. She wagged her finger at him. "You do realize you're going to have to share those with Junior, don't you? I don't want to have to put you in time-out because you can't get along with other children."

As she spoke, she stepped back toward him, reaching for his hand. "And did I mention how good it is to have you home?"

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"Yeah, well, it bears repeating," she said quietly. She couldn't believe how good it felt to be with him again without two dozen mental patients and half a dozen nurses on the other side of the door. She couldn't believe how different it felt, and she hadn't even been the one confined to the hospital. House must feel like a prisoner who'd just been paroled.

He even looked different here. In the hospital he looked withdrawn, uncertain and wary. He'd been a ghost of himself. Here in his own apartment he was back to being bigger than life. It was as if he'd gotten a jolt of energy, become reanimated. It was...really good to see he hadn't completely lost himself.

She pressed against him, molding her mouth to his. Even as the kiss faded, she continued to suck gently at his lip until their mouths were barely touching. She could lose herself in his kisses, especially now they were in private. His next words, though, thoroughly distracted her.

"Seriously?" she asked, staring at his face, looking for a sign he was lying. She didn't know why he'd lie about something like that but he had a twisted sense of humor at times. "Megan really said you can come home next week?" Finding no evidence he was lying, she threw her arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight. Megan had said she thought he'd be home soon. Cuddy had certainly hoped that would be true but she'd been afraid to get her heart set on it. It was difficult enough dealing with his absence without going on an emotional rollercoaster over when he might come home. Hearing it was really going to come true made her heart feel like exploding.

She grabbed his head between her hands and planted a big, joyful kiss on his mouth. As she pulled back to look at him again, she realized she had tears rolling down her cheeks. "Sorry," she murmured, drawing one hand over her eyes. "I'm just so happy, and the hormones are crazy and.... And I'm so damn happy you're coming home."
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"We'll just have to make sure everything goes well this weekend then," Cuddy said. That sounded like a tall order for them. There were times when they couldn't make things go well for five minutes, let alone an entire weekend. It was different now, though. House had made some pretty significant changes in his life. He was on medication, he was getting therapy, he was slowly working his way to a healthier emotional state.

She was adapting as well. With him having a definite diagnosis now, she was more aware of why he reacted the way he did. Understanding where his mind was at made it possible for her to take that into account in the way she responded to him. It wasn't perfect by any means. Underneath it all he was still an ass and she still got pissy and it was never going to be perfect for them, but understanding each other better definitely helped.

She returned his kisses happily, feeling more light-hearted than she had in a long while. She chuckled when he reminded her they had a lot to catch up on. "Just don't get too carried away," she said playfully. "I think Wilson was worried he'd come back to some kind of private porno." She chuckled again. "Although what he thinks I'm going to get up to in my state.... He gives me far more credit for creativity than I deserve."

She felt like her belly was so huge that even creativity wouldn't be enough to surmount that particular mountain when it came to sex. She knew it wasn't impossible; it simply felt that way sometimes. Hell, sometimes just being able to tie her own shoes was a challenge. For the moment, though, she was happy to be able to kiss and hold him.

"Come on, let's get comfortable," she said, breaking away from a kiss to take his hand and lead him around to the couch. She settled onto the cushions, letting out a sigh of relief as the weight eased off her low back. "Of course, comfortable is a relative term these days," she said dryly, wiggling around a bit to be able to lean toward House. "Kisses help, though," she murmured against his lips as she pressed quick, light kisses to his mouth. "Kisses definitely make everything feel better."

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"I don't care how long it's been--Wilson's going to have to get his own fat woman," Cuddy muttered dryly. She sincerely doubted he wanted to get in on the action. She didn't think it was likely Wilson ever went too long without sex; he was quite the ladies' man when he wanted. She thought it far more likely he simply didn't want to know any more about House's sex life than, possibly, he already did.

She relaxed into him once he'd put his arm around her shoulders. She lifted one hand to his cheek, holding him lightly so his mouth couldn't get too far away from hers. He was right--they had lots of kisses to catch up on. Lots of just being together. For the moment she was content to do just that--be with him, kiss him, feel him next to her without feeling like the clock was ticking.

She glanced down as he felt over her stomach. She'd gotten to the point where she was only partly aware of all Junior's movements. If she paid attention to every single twitch, she wouldn't have time for anything else. Seh kept track of the bigger movements--because Junior never let her go for long without acknowledging him--to make sure the baby was staying active and healthy but her awareness of the smaller movements were almost subliminal.

"Told you he's got 'perfect' timing," she said. She lowered her hand and pulled the hem of her shirt up, revealing her belly. The skin was stretched taut over the baby. She thought it looked like she was about to split open, especially when Junior pushed his knee up, creating a smaller bulge on top of the bigger bulge. She was amazed her skin and muscles could stretch that much. She was even more amazed--but glad--that her stretch marks weren't too bad. She had them but not as severely as some women got them. She'd probably obsess over them after the baby was born but for now, they were the least of her worries.

"What I don't get," she said, waving at her belly. "Is how can he move at all? I mean--there can't be any room left."

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"I don't think I have room for Junior to grow three more weeks," Cuddy said, almost alarmed by the thought. Obviously she knew how much time she had left; her due date had been circled on her calendar for almost nine months now. Knowing it intellectually and seeing the way her belly was stretched were two different things, however. Babies bulked up in the last few weeks before birth and she couldn't imagine how the baby was going to fit inside her if he got any bigger.

She'd just tipped past the point where, if the baby were to be born today, it would no longer be considered premature. It was big enough and its lungs developed enough that it would do just fine. As long as they were both healthy, though, the womb was the best place for Junior to finish developing. Cuddy didn't want him or her to be born before necessary...except she was kind of looking forward to having her body all to herself again.

She rubbed her hand over the bulge where the baby was exercising his legs, wondering if he could feel her touching him. Wondering if on some level he knew it was deliberate and not just the result of him randomly bumping into one of her internal organs. Probably not, but she liked to think he did. She liked to believe that somehow Nathan or Emma knew she was trying to make contact.

"I know. Seems like I've been preparing for this for years, but in some ways I don't feel prepared at all," Cuddy agreed quietly. She was confidant she'd be fine. She'd handle this whole motherhood thing. She was sure they'd both be fine. Not perfect, but good enough. After all, humans had been having babies for thousands of years and doing a relatively decent job of it for the most part. Surely she and House weren't going to completely fail at something so basic. That's what she kept telling herself anyway.

"Any new ideas for names?" She reached for his hand and twined her fingers in his, continuing to rub her stomach with her other hand. "Serious ideas, I mean. I'm good with Nathan and Emma but if there are other options you want to talk about, then we'd best be doing it soon."

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Cuddy honestly hadn't expected him to have been thinking of baby names while he was in the hospital. He wasn't supposed to be thinking of baby names. He was supposed to be devoting his time and energy to working on his problems and getting better. She'd told him to focus on himself and she'd meant it.

Now that he was home, though--even if it was for just a weekend--they really did need to address some things. Especially the things that couldn't wait much longer. Junior was going to make his entrance when he was ready and not necessarily when they were ready...so they had to get ready. Names seemed a fairly innocuous subject to start with. It was something they hadn't completely agreed on but it was also something that hadn't provoked any true arguments. She figured it would be smart to start out with a topic they could discuss reasonably.

"Oh, no, I love the name Elvis," she drawled, rolling her eyes. Elvis House--that literally made her cringe. It wasn't the most horrible name ever but there were certain names she had a visceral dislike for and that was one of them.

She considered Adam for a moment. She did like more traditional, even old-fashioned names and they didn't get any older than Adam, biblically speaking. She silently tried it out, repeating it in her mind and contrasting it with Nathan.

"Adam's not bad. I'd have to say it's about even with Nathan. I could go with either," she said. "Adam House. Adam Gregory House," she added, grinning at him. She knew he didn't want to give a son his name but she could still tease him about it. Besides, she actually kind of liked it as a middle name, especially with a short first name like Adam.

Then she chuckled. "His initials would AGH. Might be prophetic--we might be making a lot of 'agh' noises as he gets old enough to cause trouble." She shrugged, still amused. "Maybe Adam Nathaniel House would be slightly better."

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"You're impossible," Cuddy said with a faintly exasperated laugh. "Adam is a perfectly good name, as is Nathan. It's not like we're naming him Tinkerbell."

Sometimes his paranoia got a little out of hand. She knew kids could devise some really horrible nicknames. If they were determined, they could twist any name into something mean or embarrassing. Hell, they didn't even need the first name. She was sure there were ways to make fun of the name House all by itself. There was no way to avoid it because kids could be quite creative. The best they could do was choose a 'normal' name and hope for the best.

She reached over and placed her hand on the book before he could flip through any more pages. "We should just pick a name we both like, a name that sounds good to us. And names that can't be shortened to something we don't like. There's no nickname for Adam, so that's good. Nathan can be Nate, but I don't mind that." She laughed and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. "Honestly, by the time we eliminate the name you don't like and the names I don't like, we're left with a really short list."

She settled back against the couch, letting her head fall back as she rubbed her stomach. "Tell you what--why don't you read the names to Junior and see which one he likes? Of course, if he's a she, she won't like any of them."

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Cuddy had a satisfied smile on her face. She was perfectly happy with Nathan Gregory for their son's name, always had been. It seemed as though House was okay with it, too, since he kept coming back to it. As usual, though, he had to fight it, fight himself, before he was willing to accept it. And if he decided Adam was his first choice, well, she was okay with that one, too.

She looked with amusement as he tried to turn her belly into a bet. She was curious to see what would happen. She didn't actually believe Junior was going to choose his own name, let alone tell them about it by knocking a coin off her stomach. Still, if anything happened it might be fun to play with the notion Junior was communicating with them.

"Told you it's a girl," she said, laughing. She reached between her legs and fished the coin out from where it had slipped between her legs and the cushion. She held it up in front of him. "And she doesn't want a boy's name."

She set the quarter on his thigh and shifted over, leaning in against his side. "So Nathan is the first choice, with Adam still a possibility. I think that's about as good as we're going to do with a boy's name." She turned her head, propping her chin on his shoulder as she looked up at him. "Now.... Are we going to have to wrestle over a girl's name, too?"

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"I have no doubt of that," Cuddy agreed when he said Junior was probably going to be argumentative. It seemed inevitable the kid would inherit their strong opininons and the stubborn determination to express them. On the other hand, there was simply no way to predict what Junior's personality would be like. It could be the complete opposite of what she expected. Not likely, but possible.

"I'm sure she will be very argumentative. And won't that be fun for you--having two strong-willed women in your life," she teased. She frowned slightly then. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to tease him about that. She was well aware he had his hands full with one strong-willed woman. Threatening him with two might make him finally run for the hills.

"Emma, not Emily," she said when he moved on to the girl's names. She pulled a face at Madeline. Maddy was kind of cute but she really didn't care for Madeline. She glanced up at him as he reiterated his liking for the name Kate.

"Kate is okay but I really don't like it for a first name. Kate House just doesn't sound right to me." She settled her head against his shoulder again and tried to remember some of the names she'd at least liked if not loved. "Lauren is pretty. Or Leah. Tara. Devra."

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Cuddy gave a good-natured shrug when House objected to Tara and Devra. She thought they were interesting names but they weren't at the top of her list by any means. She certainly wasn't going to fight for them. Emma was still far and away her favorite but they both seemed to find Lauren acceptable, maybe even Leah. If she had to make a compromise, those were names she could definitely live with.

She was just about to make a joke about how it appeared they were actually reaching some kind of mutually acceptable compromise when Wilson knocked on the door. She glanced back over the couch at the door, then looked at House. He wasn't in any hurry to get up and let Wilson in. In her admittedly biased opinion, a nine-month belly trumped a bum leg. Apparently he came to that conclusion, too, because he finally scooted his ass off the couch and went to answer the door.

She did scoot her ass off the couch, though, when Wilson took the bags of groceries into the kitchen. Well, it wasn't so much of a scoot as an ungainly butt-waddle to the edge of the cushion where she could finally get her feet under her and push up. She tugged her clothes back into place and headed into the kitchen.

"He has been, actually. But it's early yet. Give him time," she told Wilson. She glanced at House with a smile, then waved at Wilson to set one of the bags up on the counter so she could help put away the groceries. "We were just debating baby names and it ended without bloodshed."

"Well, lack of bodily injury is always a good outcome with House," Wilson agreed in a dry tone. He'd restored the blood supply to his fingers so he grabbed one of the bags for himself and began to empty it. "Maybe you should press your advantage. Hit him with something you really want while he's in an agreeable mood." Wilson felt slightly guilty for suggesting it. He knew enough about House and Cuddy's relationship to know there'd been some pretty serious conflicts. However, it was true--you really did need to capitalize on the rare moments when House was in a good mood.

"I don't want to press too hard," Cuddy said. She handed Wilson a couple cans of soup to set up in the cupboards. "We want this weekend to go really well because if it does, his doctor says he'll be able to come home for good next week."

Still clutching the cans of soup in his hands, Wilson turned toward House. "Seriously? They're going to cut you loose?"

[identity profile] hbic-cuddy.livejournal.com 2009-08-14 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
"Good idea," Cuddy said when Wilson decided to shut up before he dug himself in deeper. She was smiling, though, at his discomfort. Heaven only knew what kind of stories House might have told him. Probably not now, not when they were together, but she knew for a fact House had told some pretty wild stories about her in the past. About himself as well. It was all lies, of course, but Wilson might not be entirely certain of that. If he believed even a fraction of what House had told him, he might well believe they had a much more 'interesting' sex life than they really did.

"I've already got you on medical leave," Cuddy told House as she started to empty the last bag of groceries. He'd gone into the hospital so suddenly they hadn't had time to discuss the details of how he wanted to handle his time off. "We can leave it at that or, if you'd prefer, I can start taking it out of your vacation time. You just need to let me know."

As they gathered up the empty sacks, Wilson pulled a piece of paper from his pocket. "These are the numbers for the hospital, in case of emergency," he told her in a soft voice as he passed the paper to her. House obviously knew about the emergency information but Wilson decided not to rub his face in the fact he needed a 'babysitter' for the weekend. "He's not supposed to be alone, not for any significant length of time. If you need to leave--for any reason--call me. I'll come and stay with him."

"We'll be fine, but thanks," Cuddy said. She gave Wilson a quick hug, then set the paper in a safe spot near the phone. She started to walk into the living room and added, "And thanks for getting the groceries."

"Oh, sure," Wilson said, following her into the living room, hands tucked in his pockets. "I was going to tell him to get his own food but I knew he wouldn't and I knew you were going to be here. I was afraid if there wasn't any food, you might turn to canabilism. I mean, you are eating for two...."

"Wilson!" Cuddy exclaimed, turning to face him with a shocked look on her own face.

"I'm sorry." Wilson threw his hands up as if to defend himself. "I don't know why I said that. I...I blame it on too many years with House."

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Cuddy settled herself on the couch again as House and Wilson argued over who was the biggest ass. She didn't think there was any question--it was House. Yes, Wilson was not entirely the sweet person he pretended to be but the fact he tried not to hurt other people meant he was slightly lower on the asshole meter. Of course, her opinion was based purely on being both men's boss. She couldn't speak to Wilson's level of asshood when it came to romantic relationships.

Maybe she was simply in a good mood because House was home but she wasn't actually offended by Wilson's comment. Well, maybe she was just a little offended but at the same time she could see the humor in it. She'd have to be in far more dire straits before she'd ever consider cannibalism but she looked like she'd already eaten at least one small person.

She waved goodbye to Wilson, then turned to House with a faintly incredulous expresssion. "So you think I'm the only one likely to go postal this weekend?" she asked, one eyebrow cocked. Admittedly she had a shorter than normal fuse these days and he knew how to ignite it. She wasn't the only one with a hair trigger, though. He could go off with no warning just as easily as she could. Hopefully his meds were helping moderate his mood swings but she didn't want to count on it, not with all the issues they had yet to resolve.

"Besides, who says we have to stay in here all weekend?" she asked, waving her hand at the apartment. "I know you're supposed to take it easy but there's no reason we couldn't go out for a while if we start feeling cooped up. Just for a walk or to the ice cream shop--get a little fresh air."

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