Jan. 18th, 2009

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It was getting close to lunch time. Or, well, lunch after lunch time, House thought as he glanced at his watch. Or possibly not lunch. Just a coffee break - yet another one. The days when he was without much to keep himself occupied with at work could drag on. He'd completed his clinic rotation late in the morning, he'd had actual lunch with Wilson in the cafeteria, and now it was mid-afternoon and he had another three or so hours to kill before he was due to go home. Between entertaining himself with light reading, avoiding the file work that had been dumped on his desk earlier on the day, and browsing the internet, he felt like he was drumming his fingers for something to do.

Despite his boredom, the week had been a fairly stress-free and uneventful one. After all the events that had taken place in his life these past few months, a dull week was a welcome one. It at least meant nothing was going badly. It at least meant House had been able to spend his weekend with Cuddy without many hiccups, bar the few bouts of bickering that erupted between them over unimportant things. Sex had been a bonus, too. Maybe Cuddy was feeling particularly horny due to pregnancy hormones, but he got his fair share of action during the Saturday and Sunday that he ended up spending with her. That compensated for the domestic things Cuddy had him doing around her place, like changing light bulbs in places she was too short for and putting things away for her that were again too high for her to reach. He hadn't minded the domesticity, though. He never thought he'd ever think that, but it was true. He hadn't felt that kind of unassuming belonging with someone in such a long time and the more he got it with Cuddy, the more he liked it. Not that he'd ever admit that to her, of course.

He glanced at his watch again as he stifled a yawn and debated what to do. Grab some more coffee from the conference room and just drink that, or head out down the street and grab something from Starbucks, maybe something for Cuddy, too? He swivelled his chair away towards his computer to fetch the mug he'd left standing there while internet browsing. He couldn't be bothered going down to Starbucks. Too damn cold outside. The coffee in the conference room was crap but it was better crap than the crappier crap they served down in the cafeteria.


House startled slightly and looked over his shoulder. All thoughts of coffee and anything else he'd been thinking about immediately drained from his mind.

Stacy stood just inside his office door, her hands clasped in front of her and a tentative smile on her face. Read more... )

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