Apr. 30th, 2009

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As it turned out, House didn't fix breakfast even though Cuddy had clearly won the 'get naked first' race. The truth was, when she awoke the next morning at what was for her a late hour, she was hungry.... No, not hungry. These days she was always ravenous when she woke, and that morning was no different. However, he was sound asleep and he looked so peaceful she didn't have the heart to wake him. She managed to drag herself out of bed without waking him and pulled on a thin robe against the slight chill of the morning, tying the sash over the top of her belly. After a quick pit stop in the bathroom, she shuffled out to the front door and retrieved the morning paper, tossing it on the dining room table before heading into the kitchen.

It didn't take long to make herself a simple breakfast of cereal and fruit which she carried back to the dining room. She settled at the head of the table and enjoyed a quiet meal, perusing the paper while she ate. Strangely, even though she was eating by herself, she didn't feel alone. Just knowing House was nearby, it changed her whole attitude. When he was around, when they were getting along well, she always felt more at peace. The silence in the house was calming, not empty and depressing. It was the kind of silence she could enjoy.

After a leisurely breakfast, she carried her dishes to the kitchen and rinsed them out in the sink. Wiping her damp hands against her robe, she finally wandered back into the bedroom. House had changed position in the meantime but he was still sleeping as far as she could tell. She stood by the side of the bed, debating with herself. She needed to take a shower, which she could do while he slept or she could wake him to join her. Or, she thought as she gazed down at him, she could just crawl right back in that warm, comfortable bed and snuggle up to him.

She looked toward the windows where the morning sun shining in, casting sharp bars of shadow and light across the floor at the far end of the room. It really was time to be up and about and getting things done. She glanced down at him again and decided lazy sounded like a better choice. Decision made, she walked to the other side of the bed and climbed in, robe still loosely wrapped around her. She scooted across the bed until she was snuggled up against him. For a few moments, she rested, listening to the sound of his breathing, watching the shallow rise and fall of his chest. She wasn't really sleepy anymore, though, and she couldn't resist the temptation of a naked and oblivious House at her side. She pressed a soft kiss to his shoulder, then propped herself up on one arm so she could place another kiss on his collarbone. And then one to the side of his neck, and to his chin and the tip of his nose.

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