Jun. 10th, 2009

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The plan had been that Cuddy would spend the following weekend at House's apartment. He'd been the one to suggest it; it had made sense, after all. A weekend in Cuddy's world, a weekend with Cuddy in his world. But as it happened, the week following their first weekend together ended up being a lot more chaotic than House anticipated. A new case came in mid-week, a woman who'd been in perfect health with a sudden onset of seizures and a rapid decline towards multiple organ failure. By Friday, he was still hitting dead ends for a diagnosis and come Saturday afternoon he was running on hardly any sleep and only remembered when he woke up from a nap in his office that he was supposed to be spending time with Cuddy. He was left with no choice but to phone her up to tell her he had to take a raincheck on their weekend together, and he promised he'd make it up to her.

Sunday evening, he finally broke the case. After assigning his team orders to start the woman on treatment, he went home, exhausted and wanting to do nothing except sleep. So much for spending any time with Cuddy. He'd barely seen her all week and at the beginning of a new week, he wouldn't see her properly until the weekend. He missed her. He wondered if doing this weekend-only arrangement was really a good thing. Maybe it was - they'd managed to avoid getting into any fights and they seemed to be getting along better than before. But he missed her and come Tuesday, he was frustrated that he couldn't just go over to her place and spend a couple of hours hanging out with her. Calling her eased some of that frustration but it still wasn't the same.

It was in the middle of eating dinner on Wednesday night that he was struck with the sudden urge to go rule breaking. Not that he hadn't had those urges already, but as he was popping a forkful of pasta in his mouth he thought, Screw it, gobbled the last few mouthfuls of his food down and got up from the couch. He grabbed his keys, pulled his jacket on, grabbed his helmet and he was out the door. Fifteen minutes later, he was pulling up outside Cuddy's place. He dismounted the bike and headed to the front door. Without a moment's hesitation, he knocked and waited.

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