Jun. 15th, 2009

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Cuddy stuffed a few things in an overnight bag, then sat down on the bed next to it. As she'd expected, the last two days had been busy and she hadn't had a lot of time to miss House. Some, because he was never far from her mind, but not a lot. Aside from her usual duties at the hospital, she was still trying to get as much work done ahead of time as she could. What she couldn't do herself, she was delegating and probably driving everyone crazy by constantly asking if they understood, if they knew what they had to do. She couldn't help herself. She needed the reassurance that things wouldn't go to hell while she was on maternity leave. Of course, being the way she was, she never quite believed the reassurances and so she kept on asking the questions. By the time she left work on Friday, she was mentally exhausted.

To make matters worse, she'd started having trouble sleeping. She was heading into the last six weeks of her pregnancy---which was a little intimidating when she let herself stop to think of it--and insomnia wasn't unusual in the last trimester. She knew that but she didn't like it. She felt like just when she needed sleep the most, it was the hardest to achieve. When she slept, she slept deeply--exhausted--but only for a few hours at a time. Then she'd be up to pee or because her back hurt or she had heartburn or simply because she couldn't sleep. For a brief moment she considered calling House and telling him she wouldn't be over until the morning but she didn't want to do that. It was unlikely she'd suddenly get a good night's sleep at home and if she couldn't sleep, at least she could be with him.

She pushed herself off the bed and closed the overnight bag. She had a few things at his place but not much because the fact was, they usually stayed at her place. She couldn't remember for sure what clothes she had there and more than that, she wasn't sure they'd fit any longer. It seemed prudent to take a change of clothes just to be sure.

She walked through the house, turning off the lights as she headed for the front door. She grabbed her purse and hooked her pager to the purse strap before finally walking out to the car. It was a mild spring evening but foggy. She figured if the fog persisted, when the bars closed down in the wee hours of the morning, there'd be plenty of accidents showing up at the E.R. That wasn't her problem tonight, though. All she had to do was get herself safely to House's apartment.

The Friday night traffic was already bustling so she avoided the more heavily traveled roads as much as possible. She wasn't sure it saved her much time but it definitely reduced the amount of stress she had to deal with. She pulled into House's street, letting out a frustrated groan when there were no parking spaces close to his building. She had to drive almost to the end of the block to find a spot, and she could barely squeeze the car into that one.

Finally, though, she had the car parked, her bag in hand, and she was knocking briskly at his front door.

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