Apr. 10th, 2009

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When House left Cuddy's place the next morning, the reality of their weekend-only arrangement hit as he kissed her goodbye. Saying goodbye to her strangely felt like he was saying goodbye for a long time instead of just for a few days. He'd procrastinated leaving, prolonging the kiss longer than he needed to until he decided sticking it out in her front hall to get just that extra minute with her was ridiculous. He pried himself away from her and told her, as he gathered up his belongings, that he'd see her on the weekend. He gave her one last kiss just as the cab he'd called tooted its horn out front, and made her promise him for the millionth time not to do anything strenuous or to be an idiot and go on cleaning sprees, or worse, show up at work, regardless how bored she got for the rest of the week. Then stepped out into the dewy morning and shut the door behind him.

He called her in the early afternoon from work, though, while stuck between a lull and a hard place. He phoned her again that night at home. Friday came and went and at long last, it was the weekend. He was fairly certain this had been the longest week in his life in a long time. But during the afternoon on Friday, he'd started ruminating over where he and Cuddy could go for their first 'date'. Chances were she mightn't even be up to doing anything. Not that he wanted to plan anything too big - between her being now 31 weeks pregnant and still recovering from the events of the week, he knew she'd want to keep it fairly low key. But he also wanted to do something different, something they hadn't done before. As he was packing up his things for the weekend, it came to him - he knew exactly what to do.

He went home first. He dumped all his things in his apartment and went straight to the shower to have a hot, fast wash. When he got out and dried off, he got dressed in warm clothes - thick socks, Nikes, jeans, t-shirt, grey hoodie, and he wrapped his scarf around his neck, put on his thick overcoat and found his gloves and beanie. He grabbed a big duffel bag from his closet and stuffed the only two thick blankets he owned into it. He grabbed another backpack in his closet and took both bags out to his car, dumped them in the trunk. Once he locked his apartment up, he jumped in the car and drove first to the grocery store. Half an hour later or so, he returned to his car with a few shopping bags and spent the next ten minutes packing the contents of those bags into the empty backpack. He then climbed back in the car to head to finally head to Cuddy's place. It was nearing on 8 o'clock at night by the time he pulled up outside her house. A bit late, but oh well.

He made his way up to her front door and knocked, a rush going through him at knowing he was going to be spending time with her - a bit stupid, seeing he'd only seen her a couple of days ago. But this was the start of their arrangement and he hoped with everything he had that this would end up being the thing that turned them around at least enough for them to work their relationship out. He was rugged up pretty much from head to toe, as if he was going to be spending time in the snow or somewhere equally as cold; he hoped Cuddy would have enough warm clothes she could fit on around her growing belly.

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